Ancestral Auto/Biographies Writing Workshop

In Ancestral Auto/Biographies, participants will bring a family heirloom or cultural object from home, and I will guide them through a series of exercises so that they can craft their own short, solo pieces based on personal experiences and memories of their family members. I incorporate three rounds each workshop: a prologue, a central conflict, and a resolution. Since I follow the process from my own play, Purple Eyes, I perform brief selections each round so that the students have concrete examples. Every participant will write and, hopefully, perform their material. After each performance, I always provide brief feedback on interesting things they did and how to expand their writing into a fully fledged solo play.

Responding to Tragedy Workshop

In this writing workshop, participants will choose a current even or series of events that involve disaster, tragedy, or violence. Throughout the session, we will focus on how to write short plays in response to these occurrences with special attention to ethical representation of violence and defining the role of art written in the wake of crises. 

Entrepreneurial Artist Workshop

Modeled after my own journey touring Purple Eyes through Texas, I will guide artists on how to self-produce and pitch their work to theatres, universities, and cultural centers. In this workshop, we will cover website building, social media promotion, project pitches, self-producing, contracts, grassroots funding and sponsorship, honorariums and other ways of making money from your craft.

All workshops can be adapted for single or multiple sessions. For more information on pricing, send a query through my contact page.